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Testaments from the field

Project Eagle, founded in 2010, is a fast-growing regional plant lease and hire company that is focused on providing heavy haulage & lifting, material handling, and civil engineering services to the mining and construction sectors among others in East Africa. The company is seeking USD 2M through a note issuance facility to acquire new assets for leasing to its growing client base. This project will create jobs and develop the area. 

Project Orc is East Africa’s largest contract manufacturer specializing in the production of soaps, disinfectants and other cleaning solutions. The company is strategically well positioned thanks to its special expertise to produce finished personal and hygiene products required by leading multinationals. The company is seeking USD 15M through a note issuance facility to boost its working capital to better service the growing customer demand. More than ever, we need to provide effective and safe hygiene products.

MWINGI is serving communities across Africa with sustainable & essential products, always available & affordable via reliable distribution channels and a simple, robust, IT-backed business model.

More Projects

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Poverty alleviating insurance

Growth capital for Collective-Based Insurance Platform as a Service 

People's Pension Trust

Pension for the informal sector

Growth capital to service Ghana's 13M informal workers with pension solutions

Investment Opportunities

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